Pimienta's Deep Thoughts (from the tooter)

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Pimienta's Deep Thoughts (from the tooter)

Postby Bomadeno on Thu Aug 14, 2008 2:54 pm

I just found this beastly post in the horn tooter, and thought to put it here.

I have started a new story at the moment except I am working out the summary first this time
it will be easier to write I hope
I think I will finish it
I think I may someday finish all the stories I have started
I should just finish one before I start another
but then what will happen if I wait to long to develop an idea and it becomes lost before I even get a chance to write a sentence?

This is what I do... I wonder how many people do do this? I know I wish I could finish things, but usually the creative juice of doing something (like doing the middle of a painting) leads to some stray thought that makes me start that other sentence...

in other news: I have been thinking way too hard on way too many things lately and I am proud of that.

I have been pondering laughter. How can a generation lose laughter? How can we be satisfied with using three letters to describe it? What is it is sad laughter? Would we say "lol sadly?"

We started discussing this anyway, in the lol thread.

I have also been puzzling over indifference. Am I the only one who is indifferent to so many people that I know? Or perhaps others are better at hiding their indifference? Am I really as indifferent as I claim? Do people really care enough to like or dislike people they hardly know? Isn't that just a waste of feelings? Aren't they most likely ill founded feelings any way?

I'm fairly indifferent. I sometimes reserve fear for certain people in the streets, but I consider this self preservation. I would say I bias towards liking everyone, that is I assume there will be some likeable quality in everyone I meet (I guess that's a bit cliché but I've never found it to be wrong yet). I'd say pretending to like or dislike someone is a bad thing, but I think developing a quick onion of someone is natural, and quite easy to do. (its easy to quickly hate someone on the bus swearing loudly on their phone about beating the dog with a wicker basket made from children's skin)

Only one more thing for now:

Why do some people always seem happy? Why do some people always seem sad? Are they trying to hide their emotions? Also why do the sad ones mock the happy ones? Is it because they are unable to show happiness? Do the happy ones long to show sadness but are unable to mock the sad ones in return?

I usually seem happy. (as far as i know) I use it as a defence and as a way of dealing with when I do feel sad, and I know it. I can be a sad person too, but my sadness never mocks the happy. However it isn't just hiding my emotions, as 'acting happy' from a state of sadness can make me forget why I was sad in the first place, and genuinely cheer me up. Its also worth being sad sometimes... I think a mix of happiness and sadness is good. A thread on happiness and sadness should split off here sometime...

that's all for now.
I guess that's not something to be proud of really. If I had the answers that would be something to be proud of. But then again the first step to finding answers is asking questions or building super computers with names like deep thought.

I don't know if there are any answers... but its interesting to discuss. And now we're in deep thought we should do our job of figuring out the universe or we might get fired.
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Re: Pimienta's Deep Thoughts (from the tooter)

Postby Pimienta on Thu Aug 14, 2008 6:17 pm

yay a discussion on my questions. I almost forgot I posted those here
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