Do we think and feel anymore?

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Do we think and feel anymore?

Postby shermanchu852 on Sat May 06, 2006 7:52 am

At night, I would sometimes look at the stars, gazing upon it, trying to feel it.

We live in a materialistic world, where we depend upon materialistic objects to “enrich” our lives. But do they really enrich us? Or do they blind us? Blind us from our senses. We see but we do not observe, we process information but we do not absorb, we hear but we do not listen, we touch but we do not feel…is this how we are suppose to live? Blinded from our true needs and inner feelings?

At times I wonder do we really exist anymore, do our true selves exist anymore? And who are our true selves? Are we really who we think we are? Or are we a fragment of our own imagination, thinking that we have total self control and judgment?

To me it seems like we are rats, guided by walls and barricades of society, in which we would follow its every guided turn. We built the society that we live in, and society builds us, like a never ending cycle of guided growth.

Are we really happy? Or are we just thinking that we are happy, but actually we do not feel happy.

Gimme your two cents. I know it might not totally make sense, since its a cluster of my own thoughts. But please do reply.
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*Our meaning of existence.

Postby nil on Sat May 06, 2006 8:47 pm

So what's life about? It's like a chess game. We can look at it from several levels:

At the lowest level, the materialistic level, the objective is to capture the king of your opponent, in other words--to win. Simple enough.

At a higher level, the game level, the objective is to have fun, to spend time with your friend (assuming you are playing with a friend), but still we try to win in the game, even though losing can also achieve our purpose of fun.

At the highest level, the "life level", the game of chess is merely one of the many games we play. Winning and losing no longer seems too relevant.

It's easy to get lost in the mechanical illusion of real life. We are so deluded by the individual game of winning and losing, that eventually, we become numbed. Even when we are gazing at the stars, we see nothing but a bunch of nuclear fusion in a universe totally unrelated to ours.
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Postby Dinosaur on Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:48 am

ofcourse we feel. we have family. this world has been made stupid by material, but only those stupid enough actually fall into it so hard that they forget about their own morals and self respect. iam 18 and party often with friends and all that, but behind it all, i respect myself, workout alot, listen to trance which i find very uplifting at points and just helps me reflect and stay focused better. and what i feel, is that we are all just naturally selfish, some more then others. everyone wants to improve themselves, some like to do it for themselves, some like to do it for others because they feel like thats gunna make them feel better about themselves. wether people are lost or not in their own illusions, they still feel. being blind doesnt prevent that.
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