Dream Interpretation

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Dream Interpretation

Postby Bomadeno on Mon Jun 12, 2006 1:59 pm

Welcome to the Dream Interpretation forum. Here, you can post the content of your dreams for all to see. If you're a regular here, you'll know the way this forum works, but for newcomers seeking only dream interpretation, here's what normally happens.

You will post your dream in here, and comment on it, or just tell it as a story, whatever you like. You can keep bits back if you want, but other people won't be as able to offer interpretation without the full picture. You could also ask questions, like what does it mean, who could they be, etc. You could also give some background to yourself, if you think its relevant.

Then someone will reply, sooner or later, if they can, with what they think, and you'll probably end up with a small thread of ideas, which you can comment on again if you wish.

As a note, noone here is a 'qualified' interpreter, and its really just something people have fun doing - some feedback may be very serious, some may be verging on mentally inspired. Whatever it is, if you want a more serious answer, feel free to say so, and someone will probably try. Of course some dreams are just inexplicable. :lol:
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