What the?? Very strange dream.

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What the?? Very strange dream.

Postby seerelated on Sun Jun 25, 2006 6:54 pm

So it starts out that I'm at the beach with my sister, stepdad, mom, and brother. My stepdad wants me to go swimming with him, my mom, and a dog. I say no, so he goes out with the dog. He gets tangled in seaweed, and although he frees himself, they call an ambulance. Meanwhile my brother catches a frog off to the side. The frog escapes, but he catches it again. For some reason it floats instead of sinking in the water.

Now I'm at some sort of fortress guarded by a friend of mine. I go up to him and ask to see his hands. He puts them out and I examine every finger closely. Suddenly someone behind the door says that I figured out the code and the door opens. They say something along the line of "shes a geek" and then I enter and destroy the fortress. Then a woman comes and tells me she has to reprogram my brain. She changes it so I can't hurt her and that I hate Jake Gylen-whats-his-face.

Now I'm in a mall. I see the woman who is now Oprah and she's sitting in a booth advertising the fortress. I grab a shovel and begin to go after her. She runs into Delia's and everyone starts screaming as I'm chasing her through the store. I chase her back to her booth and bash her in the head, cutting it off. She is now a jack in the box though, and only a paper spring is left, which is still attacking me. I hit the spring with the shovel and it dies. Then I woke up.

Whaaaaat? :shock:
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TV Violence

Postby nil on Tue Jul 18, 2006 5:07 am

Hmmmm... it sounds like a dream from a dreamer who suffers deeply from disturbing TV violence.

It usually happens when someone has a violent relationship with a TV, like pressing the remote buttons too harshly, cursing in front of the TV, or pounding heavily on top of the TV trying to improve the reception etc...

It happened to people all the time, here's some advice from the professionals:
1) try chatting with your tv one to one
2) give a gentle pat to your remote control from time to time
3) do not eat your dinner in front of your tv, it's disrespectful
4) try saying some nice thing to your tv, like how bright is its color or how "surround" is its sound etc
5) give your tv a name, like your pet

When you do those, I'm sure your relationship with your TV will improve and the problem of TV violence will be resolved in no time.
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