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Postby Dinosaur on Fri Oct 20, 2006 7:03 am

something just came to my head. when i was younger, I had many many nightmares. they were terrefying and it got to the point where i was seeing a therapist. I am not a stupid kid, the therapist treated me to much of a baby to even take her serious. she asked me to draw her a picture ( probobly wanted to see what was in my head ) so i drew a dinosaur, a T rex to be more specefic, and put a stick man figure in its mouth and told the therapist it was her haha. but anyways, i had man Freddy Kruger nightmares as a kid. very realistic.

I remember having one where i woke up, got out of my room because something seemed wrong, and my mom was hung on the ceiling, dead . .. and had 5 bloody stripes goin down her back. another one was where i was in this place, it was a very very long place, and the ceiling was kind of low but still tall enough. anyways, imagine a place completley empty, about the size of a football field, the walls made of thick concrete, and only one door in the whole place, which was found in one corner of this place. i stood at the very opposite of the door, meaning the door was far from me and the only light coming into this place was coming from door. freddy krugers figure (shadow) stood at the door and i was cornered up scared. i also had one where i got into a fight with my sister and she ended up goin downstairs and i was in her room alone. it went silent and i saw freddy krugers hand slowly being stretched out of my room. i cornered myself in my sisters bed and then i saw him in the cieling, spinning down towards my in a spiral. other nightmares i have had include ones where i am taking away for bad behavoiur. ill be behaving bad in my dream and all of a sudden my feet are grabbed and iam pulled into a dark place. I dont even see what pulls me, its like an evil force that does, but i cant see it. writing about this right now, at age 18 . . . is puttin shivers down my spine and giving me goosebumps, cuzz i still remember how terrefying this is.

here is what I want to tell you people though. every single time, that i woke up from a nightmare like this . . . . . I would literrally HEAR a tingly sound that i wish i culd explain or relate to some sound you guys may have heard befor, but i cant. but yea anyways i would hear this sound, and it always sounded like it was coming from my back. a few night i was able to quickly look at my back (i always woke up laying on my stomach, back upwards ) and i give you my word, that i saw something green coming out of my back. it was green, and it looked like a vapour or like some kind of weird smoke. i felt like after i woke up, that somethin came out of me. and i was able to hear, and see what that was like 3 or 4 times. and when i did, i couldnt speak or even start yelling for my mom because i was so scared. I think you guys are just gunna say u never heard of a situation like this, but i know wut i heard and know wut i saw and even up to this point i cant explain what that was all about. doesnt happen anymore though, but it did for a good part of my days and was just a very weird and scary experience.
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Postby n0morequestions on Fri Dec 22, 2006 4:00 am

i believe you are telling the truth. i believe that demons were attacking you in your sleep (that is what the green mist was). i'm not just saying that, because i know other people who have had the same thing happen to them. unfortunately, getting rid of demons is not easy at all. chances are if you never got rid of the demons they are still there, they just got smart enough to hide from you because you have a special ability to see them (most people can't see them). if you want help i might be able to help you. [Email temporarily removed by hatter police pending decision on its permanent removal.]
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Postby ichybon877 on Thu Feb 15, 2007 3:01 pm

getting rid of demons is easy if you wern't imagining it just do it the way the bible sias say these words loudly with force "in the name of the lord god all powerful and his son jesus i cast you out of this house" that will work if not email me or pm me
The LORD is my sheperd, I shall not want.
Even though I walk
through the vally of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and you staff,
they comfort me.
and I will dwell in the house of the LORD
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Postby princess on Wed Mar 14, 2007 2:59 pm

oh how very interesting. as a person who studies all kinds of paranormal stuff, i love analysing these types of things.
From what was said, i'd say what most likely going on was this;

*In the non-physical world, there are many kinds of non-physical entities living. Many of these feed off different sorts of energy..they are sometimes born from and/or feed off strong energies arising from humans, such as things like fear or hatred.

*subconcious issues manifest in your dreams, and if they are significant and go unresolved, this often causes recurring dreams, or dreams with recurring items, people, situations or themes.

*In some of our dreams, generaly, these are the more intense, real-feeling dreams, we are actualy in the astral, or nonphysical world.
After waking up from such a dream, especialy if waking quickly, such as from fear, etc, people often experience strange things when they first wake up, due to your non-physical body still being re-connecting with your physical body, for example 'buzzing' noises or other noises, 'odd lights, even temporary paralysis in all or some parts of the body
...also, if there is something non-pysical present at the time, you may still be albe to see/sense it.

I think, probably, a parasitic astral entity was hanging around attaching itself to you and feeding off the strong energies of fear you would have been producing during those nightmares. during our childhood we have more astral dreams than at any other time in our lif,e usualy, and probably each time you entered that plane of existance it manipulated you into having terrible nightmares then fed from your fear. it was probably attaching to your back soemwhere and hanging around you to wait until you could have such a dream again, as you would have been such a great source of food.
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Postby hamster on Wed Mar 14, 2007 5:38 pm

Everyone has bad dreams. It doesn't make you crazy or necessarily demon-possessed. There is a terrifying, but absolutely normal condition called the "old hag syndrome," wherein a person is convinced that some evil entity is present in their bedroom as they awaken from sleep, and is trying to kill them.

It's happened to me. It has to do with the brain shifting from the different levels of sleep. Nothing more.
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