Congratulations to the Middle of Nowhere Seniors!!

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Congratulations to the Middle of Nowhere Seniors!!

Postby Twin2 on Thu Jun 07, 2007 9:46 am

Congratulations to




Tripple H

Punk 04


And my dear Twin 1 !!!

You all know me and there is a reason why I know so much about band :ignore: :music: and Choir. Cherokee girl, Punk 04,Vampress and of course my twin knows who I am. :shock: Also several people here know to because I told them for safety issues, some one thought I was a stalker. :sorry: And some of the others have figured it out on their own :think: :knock: :crazy: while riding around on school trips-Trumpetprodigy- I salute you for your deductive reasoning!!! :v: :yes: :jump: Keep the secret!!!
Those of you BHS Seniors who still haven't figured it out :noclue: PM me and I will tell you who I am. The rest will have to wait for their Senior Year... :evil:
Twin 2 :ignore: :music:
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