Please Help Me Analyze This Dream!

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Please Help Me Analyze This Dream!

Postby blaqkangelxxx on Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:16 am

My name is Christina, I am seventeen and I would really like to figure out this dream before later today. It is about my ex Shaun and my current boyfriend, his best friend Dustin. I love both of them very much, but Shaun did things that hurt me horribly. I am willing to forgive him, but I am with Dustin we've been together for 7 months now and I think he is the love of my life, I couldn't imagine life without him. The thing is we argue a lot and when I was with Shaun we never got into big arguments. I have had previous dreams about being with Shaun again but none to this level. They were just erotic dreams or short dreams about the past.

It started out with me being with my current boyfriend Dustin and we were in Berlin, the town where my ex aka Dustin's best friend Shaun lives. The dream was set on July 17, today, and we ran into Shaun. Next thing I knew Dustin disappeared and it was just me at my car in front of Shaun's house. A guy jumped out and him and I ended up fighting and I lost, Shaun came out and beat the guy up. Next he came over to me and picked me up of the ground. I was no longer bleeding battered and bruised I was fine again. Shaun took me into his arms and said he was sorry for what he had done and that he loved me more than ever, that he had sat in jail angry because he thought he had lost all chances for us when I began dating Dustin. The dream flashed forward and I was at a party in Shaun's backyard, again there was no sight of Dustin. Shaun came over to me and took my hand and we walked towards the street where he kissed me and told me goodbye. He said that he would text me and that he would see me soon.

Somehow I ended up at a house with Dustin, his mom, and a friend of ours Mike which is pretty much impossible because Mike and Dustin along with his family live an hour and a half away from me as well as Berlin. Anyway Dustin and Mike are trying to help Dustin's mom put in a pair of earrings. Everything seemed so normal Dustin and Mike were talking to me as if nothing was wrong. Soon after Dustin lost the earrings he was trying to help his mom with and so I went hunting for them. In the process I got a text message from Shaun, it said he wanted to see me. I went over to his house and his dog came running up to me jumping on me, while I was playing with the dog Shaun snuck up behind me and wrapped his arms around me from behind while praising the dog. I turned around feeling the happiest I had felt in a very long time and safer than I had felt in a very long time. He kissed me and told me that he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He got down on one knee on the sidewalk and asked me to marry him.

After that it flashed forward to the wedding I was walking down the isle, but not with my dad, with Shaun's dad and we reached the end of the isle where Shaun was waiting for me I kissed his dad on the cheek and then Shaun took my hand as we walked to the alter. The ceremony continued and the priest got the the part about objections and Dustin flung open the doors of the church and stormed down the isle. He went to hit Shaun and I stood in his way. He questioned me, saying hes tricking you into loving him, he doesn't love you like I do. I responded saying that Shaun was the love of my life the man I wanted to build my life with. He hit me across the face which caused him to be drug out of the church by two of the groomsmen. I had tears in my eyes, Shaun wiped them away saying we wouldn't ever have to worry about him again that it was him and I now. The ceremony finished and we were again in the backyard of well Shaun's house but it was a different house a way nicer house. At that point Shaun and I were dancing we kissed and I woke up.

I sincerely hope you can help me figure this dream out because maybe if I know what it means then I can straighten things out. Right now my 7 month relationship with Dustin is on the rocks and the relationship has been filled with emotional pain on my end. Shaun gets out of jail tomorrow, I haven't seen him in about 7 1/2 months, not since him and I separated. I still have his number and everything and I'm not sure if I should just end things with Dustin and try to get back with Shaun. I'm hoping after I know what this dream means I'll have a better idea of what to do.

Later the same day I had another dream when I took a nap, I was living in an apartment with Dustin. Dustin was at work and Shaun came over to talk to me. I let him in and we were talking, Dustin came home from work seeing Shaun there he got extremely angry and threw him up against a wall and they proceeded to beat the living hell out of each other. Dustin won and an ambulance ended up coming for Shaun and I was extremely upset and crying.

I woke up right after that part in the dream so it was much shorter either way I don't know what either of these mean and I would love to know what they do mean.
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Re: Please Help Me Analyze This Dream!

Postby Bomadeno on Mon Dec 01, 2008 1:54 am

You shouldn't switch from one to the other. You should think very carefully about which one you want. Maybe the most cliche way is to imagine something like who you would rather die, because this often reveals the truth of your heart, despite being painful. Remember that both these men can be hurt, and that if you show indecisiveness, or switch between the two, you will probably end up getting hurt and loosing both of them.

In terms of the dream, think of it as a possible future. Is it possible? Do you want it? It was a dream, so it's probably something you want, otherwise it would have been less dreamy, and wouldn't have made you search the net for a place to ask about it :lol:

Don't let dreams make decisions in your life though, act carefully and once you make a decision, stick to it, it would be better to call it off with both of them then switch back and forth.

I think my final thought it probably that you should call it off between both of them until you make a decision. It might hurt, but you should remember that you're dealing with other people's feelings too. I hope it works out ok for you!
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