I still wish I had more pies. And time.

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I still wish I had more pies. And time.

Postby Bomadeno on Sat Feb 05, 2011 1:38 pm

Happy two thousand and eleven, everyone who still ever passes by this curious way! My writing gears feel positively rusty!

I can't believe this board has been quiet for so long, and that I've not checked it in even longer. It really is becoming abandoned now, and with all the old posts, it feels like a dusty town in a western just after someone shot the mayor, and everyone went to hide inside their swinging barbers doors.

If I had the free time I used to, I'd say I'll be back here every day, or even every week... but depressingly I probably won't get time to post again in months (or even years, woe is me). What is everyone doing nowadays? Even if you're not here, I hope you're still inspired as ever - and that at least one of us has made a water powered car already..

Even more depressing is the Oppression of Society that is Making Me Spell 'But' the right way round. Seems it didn't work too well in my reports and writings when I got to uni and work... Tub its still here at heart, somewhere in the heart.

Oh, and I've finally visited America! I tried out as much stuff there as possible. I wasn't near Oregon though, or I would have mentioned my passing!
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Re: I still wish I had more pies. And time.

Postby nil on Sun Feb 06, 2011 12:06 am

2011? That shall be the year I am driving a flying car (power by water and exhaust cappuccino). Other than travelling around the world, I haven't done much (and in these days, the experience of travelling around the world is not much better than browsing the Google earth)....

The desertification of this forum is partly my fault. The registration system had been broken for years and I haven't fixed it yet. Otherwise this forum would have been bigger than Facebook.......

I also felt the suppression of society. People complaint I snore too loud when I fell asleep at work... and other people look condescendingly on me for wearing slightly ketchup stained article of clothing........ We live in an era of conformation... where is the individualism of the good old years?
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