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How to improve your academic performance

Postby nil on Wed May 25, 2005 8:02 am

As you know, some of our members are using the school's computer. What would happen if their teacher walk in?

So please fill this forum with serious topics of academic related topics so they can show to their teacher how good a student they are. It doesn't have to be bogus. It can be educational too, so it might even improve your real academic performance.
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Postby Bomadeno on Wed May 25, 2005 9:16 am

Cultural Differences In Stress

~There are differences between the amount of stress observed in failies of different cultures within the UK

~Typically asian families show less signs of stress than caucasian

~This is put down to the large families and strong social support networks that asian families often have

~Afro-carribbean families also show less signs of stress than caucasians

~This may be due to a stronger sense of respect within their culture, making them slow to admit to stress

~All these figures have to be considered carefully, as they are only based on the number of reported cases of stress, and it may be the case that white families are more likely to ask for help than asian families from doctors (who compiled these figures)

I hope you are all now more intelligent, and I hope that comes up in my exam tomorrow :D
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Postby Pimienta on Thu May 26, 2005 8:27 pm

heres a bit about Hawaii

Hawaii's history in story and legend is ancient and proud, dating back at least a thousand years before American colonies became a nation in 1776. It is highly unlikely that the exact date when Polynesian people first set foot on these previously uninhabited islands will ever be known, nor much details about events occurring between that date and the first contact with Europeans.

The Hawaiians were a people without writing, who preserved their history in chants and legends. Much of the early history has disappeared with the death of the kahunas and other learned men whose function it was to pass on this knowledge, by means of chants and legends, to succeeding generations.

Modern Hawaiian history begins on January 20, 1778, when Captain James Cook's expedition made its first contact with the Hawaiian people on the islands of Kauai and Niihau. Captain Cook was not the first man to "discover" the Hawaiian Islands. He was the first known European to arrive.

The language of Hawaii and archaeological discoveries indicate that Hawaii was settled by two distinct waves of Polynesian migration. Cook himself knew that the original Polynesian discoverers had come from the South Pacific hundreds of years before his time. First, from the Marquesas, came a settlement as early as 600 or 700 AD, and then from the Society Islands, another migration about 1100 AD. Lacking instruments of navigation or charts or any kind, the Polynesians sailed into vast oceans. They staked their knowledge of the sky and its stars, the sea and its currents, the flight of birds and many other natural signs. They were superior seamen of their time.
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The BIG BANG vs Steady State.

Postby Insanity test on Tue Jun 14, 2005 3:33 am


In modern science, it is almost universally agreed that the universe came into being in a mighty explosion of matter and antimatter that we now know as the BIG BANG.

It was only in 1992, however, that this was agreed upon when the COBE satalite (sent up for this purpose) discovered the last piece of the puzzle.

Beforehand, there were two main schools of thought, The Big Bang theorists and the steady state theorists.

The steady state theory proclaimed that the universe was infinate in both physical distribution and age. They argued that with a big explosion in a vacume there wouldnt be the nessesary variations in density to form stars and galaxies. The also argued that due to the reactions of atoms and the way they bond and create heavier elements, there would be no possibility of heavier elements being formed.

The Big Bang enthusiasts set about countering these arguments. First a major set back was overcome in that the universe appeared to be younger than the stars in it. This was calculated by working out how far away distant stars are and how fast they're moving and backtracking this to the moment of creation. The problem was that the techniques used to measure the distances did not at first take into account the possibility of quasars; being far brighter than normal stars and so throwing off the measurements. Once this was out of the way and the universe's age was set to somewhere between 10 and 20 billion years (rather than a megre 3.2) the other problems were addressed.

The issue of the creation of heavier elements was ironically solved by one of the most outspoken steady state activists Fred Hoyle (who also incidently coined the term Big Bang). He was looking for a way to explain heavy elements forming continuosly from nothing in a steady universe (which in turn was to explain why galaxies are moving away - there are new ones created in the gaps left by the old). He performed numerous neucleosynthasis experiments and concluded that heavy elements could be formed in dying stars over millions of years.
This unwittingly boosted the big bang theory which otherwise had no explanation for the heavies appearance.

The final closure came when variated background radiation left over from the big bang itself showed fluctuations which would account for the formation of galaxies. This was discovered by Karl Jansky while working for Bell Labs to identify natural radio sources. He identifyed two local causes, local thunderstorms and distant ones, but still couldnt account for all of it. He dedicated hiself to finding out the source and eventually found it to be outer space. This was later named CMB radiation or Cosmic Microwave Background radiation.

After years of work and analysis, the COBE satalite was launched to detect any possible fluctuations, and after numerous failings eventually found the elusive disturbances. By now it was 1992, and nearly 65 years after a Cleric named Lemaitre first suggested it.

Wasnt that interesting?
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Postby Mysti on Sat Jul 09, 2005 8:49 pm

An essay states facts or describes and explains a topic. It develops a central theme through several connected paragraphs. The essay must have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The movement from one paragraph to the next must be logical and smooth.


Topic assigned

Euthanasia (mercy killing):
Right or Wrong?

Narrowed topic

Euthanasia OK under certain conditions.


We should have the freedom to choose death under certain conditions.

Make an informal outline.

This outline should include your main ideas, and it should create questions for the reader. It should also include supporting details that answer these questions.


I had to kill my cat.

- main idea

responsibility and love
incurable disease
to kill or not

- supporting ideas that explain why

My sad dilemma was choosing between my cat's right to life and the need to relieve her suffering.

- topic sentence

Look over your outline after a short time (twenty-four hours).

Use the following questions to test your work:

1. Does each topic sentence relate to your thesis?
2. Are your topic sentences arranged in a logical order which supports your thesis?
3. Are your supportive details concrete and specific?
4. Do you accomplish the purpose established in your thesis?

Write the first draft.

The introduction should attract the reader's attention, state the thesis, and indicate the limits of the paper.


I had Minou killed not long ago. "Put to sleep" is not an honest statement of what I did. My cat was ill. The vet explained that the animal with whom I had shared ten years of my life and love was the victim of incurable cancer. He gently but firmly informed me of two choices. I wanted to avoid making the decision, but the love and companionship I shared with Minou made my choice clear and quick.

Each paragraph in the body of the essay must contain both a topic sentence that states the major point of that paragraph as well as the details that support or prove it.

The conclusion.

This is a logical end of the essay. It is a summary of major points or a statement of the implications of the major points.


I feel all right about Minou's death now. The injection worked quickly, and I held him as he died. There was a kind of dignity in his death, a gentle end to continuous suffering. I loved him in his death as I did in his life. I think we should all be able to choose to die in this way, humanely, with love and with dignity.

Re-read your first draft after twenty-four hours and give your essay a title.

Example: An Act of Human Kindness

Revise where necessary.

Read the essay carefully to see that the organization and development of your essay make sense. Be sure that you have said what you meant directly, simply and clearly, and that the transition from one paragraph to the next is smooth and logical.

Write or type your final copy neatly.

I hope that helps you.
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Postby Math_nerd on Sat Jul 09, 2005 10:06 pm

That was more help than I have ever recived from any englich teacher I have had. I must print that out.....
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Postby Mysti on Sun Jul 10, 2005 5:30 pm

Ah, see, my star sign description was wrong, I am useful. :lol:

(Actually I copied and pasted from some site I use, it's very helpful)
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Postby vampress on Tue Oct 18, 2005 8:31 pm

Did you know that there are male dominated jobs that would accually be better suited to women. Jobs like Politicians, Lawyers, and astronauts which are basically male run would benifit more from the strong points of women. Women symathize with the person who they feel has been hurt the most. They have better communication skills and normally are more group oriented. Women are smaller and are more mature at a younger age then most men. The natural skills given to most women make it so that they would accually be better at the job then men. Being built small for being in space makes it so that women don't take up as much air or space that most men take up.

Can't figure out why we all want to do the same jobs equally with no differences when women and men are hardwired to run differently. Women are more symathetic and normally work better in groups where they can communicate where as men are inclosed normally and prefer not to ask for any help. Ever said that they need to ask for directions. Men won't ask for directions because they are hard wired to try and do everything every possible way on their own before they'll hand it over to someone else thinking that they couldn't do it so they are not able to survive alone. It has hardwired into us from ancient history and lineage that we are different and evolution has made it so. We need to learn to understand and use these differences to our advantage making it so that together we will able to get the world to work easier.
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