The long term effects of "Rushing" and some calcul

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The long term effects of "Rushing" and some calcul

Postby Chazoa on Tue Mar 07, 2006 9:49 pm

Rushing can be bad for your long term health! It's proven but I can't pull up articles. Everyone has rushed once before, to get to work, school, an appointment, etcetera, so we all know that it causes stress. Stress can cause long term health issues if repetatively re-encountered. Consider this: You wake up late for school at least one day a month for an entire year so instead of 30 minutes you spend 15 minutes rushing. 12 months in a year and 15 minutes lost a month, 15*12 = You've spent 180 minutes of an entire year doing nothing but stressing out over getting ready for work or school!

Also, when it comes to waiting just wait! Consider that you rush yourself to get home to do some unimportant thing every day, such as play a game, so you wait, by doing something such as waiting at a stop light. You say in your head "come on come on I want to get home!" but what is a few more seconds? Let's say there are 3 lights on your way to your house and each lasts 1.5 minutes long and wait for each light it's full length, if you have a full week job then you waste 547.5 minutes of your life EACH YEAR waiting at lights! A few more seconds won't hurt anything, many humans spend about 10-15% of their life doing NOTHING but waiting anyways!

Ponder about this data I have come up with and if you see any errors please inform me :)
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